The fixed gear bike. Two wheels. One gear. Brakes, optional. Simple really. And that’s the reason why the fixed gear bike is loved by many cyclists. It’s a simple bike. Amongst it’s carbon fibre, multi-geared brethren, it looks out of place, but it has a special place in the hearts of many cyclists. It’s a bike with a single function, it just lets you ride.

Now take a look at Pop, the text editor for iOS from Minimal Tools. A single page text editor that offers no settings, no file management facilities, no synchronising with Dropbox. In fact there aren’t any features about it. All you can do is write something with it and then copy what you have written to the clipboard. Why the hell would you want to buy this app then when all editors for iOS do this?

Well Pop does one thing that no other editor I have does. It doesn’t distract me. It doesn’t have anything to distract me with. It just lets me write.

We need more products like Pop and fixed gear bikes. Simple things that do one thing really well. Simple products let you do what you really want to do without any distractions.