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Taming the Twitter timeline

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It seems that I just can't let go of my Twitter timeline. Despite not been very active on Twitter for the last few weeks, I still like to read through my timeline and see what's what. Largely I mostly interested in web development news and updates from people but I'll read other bits that people have posted.

Lately though my Twitter timeline has been a storm of political updates about what Trump is doing, not doing and other news surrounding him. It's getting to the point where my timeline has become a channel for political news and lots of other updates from the US. To be honest my Twitter timeline isn't where I want to read about this.

What's happening in the US regarding Trump, prejudice and racism is important. There's change happening and that's good. What I find difficult to do is to follow my timeline with all of this going on.

I'm simply not interested anymore in these kind of updates on Twitter due to the fact that it's simply become too much to follow and digest.

I'm trying to get a reign on my timeline again by adding more topical filters to restrict what I see and block retweets from most of the people I follow.

It's not that I'm trying to create a bubble of the world I see. I know what's happening in the US and I'm aware of it through various news sites. I just don't need to see this in my timeline as well.

I honestly think this is the last chance for me and Twitter to get along. The last few months have seen me fall away from Twitter. A lack of tweets and activity on my part is due to the fact that I don't like spending too much time on Twitter these days. I see the value in what Twitter does for other people but there's already enough noise on it without me adding to it.

For the moment I'm just going to try and tame the timeline that I have.

Too Late for Twitter?

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I love this idea of paying a subscription fee for using Twitter, but I fear that it might be too late for Twitter.

Before you scream at me to tell me I’m a dope for suggesting this to Twitter, let me give you this tease: Like anything in this world, in the most efficient economies, you get what you pay for. There’s a bright side in paying and that’s a better user experience. It’s why there are so many apps in the Apple Store that have a regular version, which you get for free, and a Pro version, which you pay for.

My $4.5 Billion Gift To Twitter by Darren Rovell

I've not been a fan of the whole Twitter experience since signing up again and I'm getting little in value from it. This is largely because the people I follow (who were regular tweeters in the past) are no longer that active. There are some benefits, but most days I never check my timeline and instead steer towards a couple of curated lists I have.

Social Media: The Best Of, The Worst Of

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As I'm writing this in my editor in Ghost, the title reads "Social Media Sucks". Yeah, I know. Strong words in that title. I don't like them either, but having them at the top of my editor as I write this actually reminds me of all the great things that social media brings. Here's a few of the positive things I get from Twitter:

There's so much more as well and from the 300+ accounts I now follow there are so many more that I could list. It's a tailored timeline that I curate to my own needs.

If I don't like something that someone says, then I unfollow.

Disagreeing with someone though is a different thing, and while I might disagree on certain topics with people I follow, it doesn't mean they're wrong and I'm right or vice versa. It's a difference of opinion and that keeps my timeline interesting. I enjoy that.

The worst of Twitter is something that I haven't been personally experienced but I see time and time again. People with a large number of followers become easy targets for the Twitter mob and their flaming torches and pitchforks. The mob that prides itself on correcting every wrong done. The mob that stands for justice and equality. What they actually stand for is easy pickings. They find the easiest wrong to correct and pounce. This is the worst of Twitter and is going to drive people away from the platform.

Stephen Fry was the latest victim of the Twitter mob. I don't blame Stephen Fry for leaving Twitter. I also don't think he overreacted in leaving. He made his decision based on not one past experience but several. It's sad that people are driven to such measures. It makes Twitter a less entertaining place.

I've update the title of this post, to reflect the changing tide of Twitter. I just wish it was more like it was in the beginning.

Tiered Twitter

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It seems Twitter is turning off ads for it's highest engaging users. Matt Gemmell has doubts about the move.

I’d pay for Twitter if I could. It has real value for me, both socially and as a promotional tool. This latest move only increases my uncertainty about its future.

Tiered social media by Matt Gemmell

I agree with Matt.

What Twitter seem to be forgetting is that it's the masses of users that make up the following numbers for all these highest engaging users. What's their reward?