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The Ice Storm of 2013

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I was just reminded this morning that it was two years ago that the ice storm hit Toronto and the surrounding area. We were visiting Jen's family in Toronto at that time.

Having never experienced an ice storm, it was quite strange waking up that morning and seeing the amount of ice everywhere. I captured a few shots of the aftermath over the next couple of days.

We were more fortunate than others. We didn't experience any power cuts and we were able to get stocked up for Christmas day.

Aside from the ice storm, we had a great time spending Christmas and New Year with Jen's family. Hoping to do it again soon.

After the Ice Storm

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After the ice storm that hit the Toronto area before Christmas, I managed to get a few shots of the fields across the road from my in-laws house just as the sun was setting. These were taken over two days which explains the change in the clouds.