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New Star Trek Television Series

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And on the topic of Netflix:

Star Trek fans around the world clamoring for CBS' new take on the universe have an unexpected party to thank for the show's international availability: Netflix. The streaming giant announced today that it's obtained the international rights to the new Star Trek in 188 countries (excluding the US and Canada), a deal that'll see new episodes premiering on Netflix less than 24 hours after they make their domestic debut on CBS All Access, the network's own paid streaming platform

Netflix will stream CBS' new Star Trek series all around the world by The Verge

When Television Overtakes Books

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This has been something of a let down this season of Game of Thrones. There has been some great moments but largely the episodes have plodded on.

Arya’s storyline in "No One" is pretty well proof positive of that. It deflates like a punctured balloon, setting up a big confrontation between Arya and the Waif, then completely failing to follow through.

Game of Thrones' bungled Arya plot explains why George R.R. Martin’s taking so long to finish the books by Todd VanDerWerff for Vox