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Patrick is nonline

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Patrick is now nonline for at least the next year.

As of March 4, 2017 I’ve stopped all online publishing. This includes my websites and social media accounts. No blog posts, no tweets, no status updates. I’m nonline. I expect this to last at least a year. In that time, I’ll be writing. My goal for that writing is to become a book.

On Sabbatical by Patrick Rhone

I'm glad Patrick is still going to be running his newsletter during this sabbatical. A little opportunity to see how the writing is going and what else he's been doing.

Capturing the wild ...

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... with Patrick Rhone.

I’ve recently re-adopted something I learned in a high school creative writing class. I’ve been keeping a Field Notes notebook in my back pocket and capturing stray interesting thoughts that pop into my head and things I overhear from others (conversations, movies, reading, etc.) There’s no specific reason or purpose for these random snippets, for now. Just listening, observing, waiting, and writing down anything that catches my attention.

Capturing the Wild Snippet by Patrick Rhone

Campfire chat

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I know, from reading my friend Kurt Harden’s blog, that we may not see completely eye-to-eye politically. But, a fact of which I’m absolutely certain of is that we could sit down around a campfire with two fingers of whiskey and a decent cigar each and come around to more that we agreed on than disagreed.

Campfire Diplomacy by Patrick Rhone

What a great idea. I just wish I lived a little closer for this little pow-wow.

Meaningful work

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Not all work will be meaningful. Some will be meaningful to others but not for you. Some, will be drudgery. Some, will be necessary. Some will just be the thing you have to do until the next thing you have to do comes along until finally, after so much just-stuff, something will come along that is meaningful until, eventually, you’re done with that and doing the next thing you do because it’s just the thing you have to do

Rhone Koan - Meaningful Work by Patrick Rhone

A reminder by Patrick Rhone that we each have different types of work we need to do.