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A Thank You to All Open Source Developers

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Right now all over the world, open source software is being used by millions of people. Most of these people probably don't even know it, but the services they use on a daily basis are more than likely being powered by open source software in some form. Since it's birth in the early eighties, open source software has become more and more prominent and should now be considered a mainstream topic that hopefully even non-programmers know about.

I've used open source software in my most of my career as a programmer, but it hasn't been until the last five years where open source software has comprised of the majority of tools in my tool belt. From software languages and frameworks to the tools and libraries that I used on a daily basis, open source software has given me a career that I feel very positive about and enjoy working in.

So to all the open source developers who give up their precious time to build software for others to use and enjoy, I just want to say thank you.

Your selfless acts of contributing your time and effort to the world of code for free is reflected in all the greatness that open source software has achieved.