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Erasing the past

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Kurt Harden is concerned about the erasing of American history.

The first is that it strikes me as an effort to erase history. That never goes well. And I write as an Ohioan with absolutely no sympathy for the the Confederates memorialized in bronze, copper, or stone. The statues represent our past and they offer different reminders to different people.

Erasing history by Kurt Harden

I agree with Kurt on this one.

By removing these statues, the American people are removing part of their history. Yes, these statues represent a side of America that many would like to forget but it's in these statues and the history they represent that we see the progress that has been made.

Bye Bye Black Friday

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I'm glad to see that the much hyped part of the retail year, Black Friday, is falling out of favour with buyers.

But there’s something else happening. In this moment of profound innovation on the back of e-commerce and technology, new and old brands are working hard to gain our business. In doing so, they have created a virtual “series” of “Black Fridays” throughout the season. These are cause-driven moments or limited-edition collections that add value in a way more relevant to today’s informed consumer; it’s not about false discounts.

Black Friday isn’t dead. It’s just irrelevant. by Recode

I've always shunned purchasing anything during this time and in particular any product that is highlighted as a "bargain" during this event.

Can't wait until it's completely gone.

North American Holidays

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Autumn in Toronto

There's a lot of things I love about living in the UK. Beautiful scenery within an easy drive, great golf courses, bearable weather through the winter and easy access to the continent for holidays. There are lots of other benefits as well, some important, some not so important. There's one thing though that I envy North America for and it's already started this year.

It begins at the start of October and runs right through to the end of December. It's the mix of Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas all running one after the other. They all coincide with each other whether you're American or Canadian. The order might be different for Canadians, but they still celebrate Thanksgiving within this period.

We visited Jennifer's parents in October a number of years ago. It was the first week in October and people had already started decorating their houses with pumpkins, lights and other decorations celebrating the time of the harvest and the ghoulish night at the end of the month. It was great to see so many homes making a big effort to decorate their homes.

Then there is Thanksgiving. As you know the UK doesn't have any holiday like this. We have Guy Fawkes night on the 5th of November but I would gladly trade it for Thanksgiving day. The family around the table for a big meal and the NFL on the television through the afternoon and evening.

Finally there's the run up to the end of it all. Christmas. We've spent a couple of Christmases in Canada and both we're great, although I have to say it was much more fun with the kids around.

At Christmas as well there are a lot of houses decorated with lights and they definitely go into in a bigger way than we do in the UK.

We've got neighbours with relatives in Canada as well and with this common ground, the conversation at this time of year inevitably falls back to how it's better in North America at this time of the year.

It's not about any one particular holiday, just the fact that there's so much happening during this time of year and it also coincides with a favourite of mine, the NFL season.

Was I born in the wrong country? Probably. Jennifer often jokes that I would be more at home living in North American than in the UK.

I would love to experience the whole run of holidays through the autumn and winter but it would mean a major upheaval of the family. For now though, I'll just quietly be envious on this side of the pond.