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Fixie Friday no more

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Fixie Friday has run it's course. There won't be anymore scheduled Fixie Friday posts on the first Friday of the month. Instead I'll just be posting bikes as when I see them.

Trillion Prime 27.5

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Singletrack World are testing a new British built steel hardtail, the Trillion Prime 27.5.

I wish there were bikes like this 20 years ago. The mind is willing but the body is beyond the kind of shenanigans that this bike is built for.

Chain of thought

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Lately I've been thinking a lot about marketing.

While making my afternoon coffee I was running some editing changes through my head on a post I'm writing. And then it struck me.

If you're not writing, you're not marketing.

I've struggled with marketing my freelancing business in the past, but I certainly could start making a step in the right direction by writing more for my freelancing business.

Hello Quitter

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I have a particularly bad habit of opening apps, leaving them to run and then wondering why I have so many apps open. I only ever need these apps open for a minutes at a time.

This morning I installed Marco Arment's Quitter app to help alleviate the issue of apps being left open. On my Quitter list is Twitter, Mail and Slack.

We'll see how it goes.