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Need a Boost?

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Execupundit has you covered.

It can be difficult to predict the popularity of topics. Supervision may become a mainstay subject since new supervisors are always in the pipeline and even the senior ones need refreshers. I've had people in class who last attended a workshop on supervision around 30 years ago. Many, of course, were never formally trained. One day they were told, "Congratulations! You're a supervisor."

That's why it is not rare to hear a senior supervisor exclaim, "I wish I'd had this class when I started in this job."

Booster Shot
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Does Your Organisation Pass the NB Audit?

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Be honest.

I'd be surprised if most organisations managed to even get three out of seven on Nicholas Bate's seven point audit.

From my experience the best company I've worked in managed five of these points. However, each company has failed on the parking. For some reason the director had to be the nearest parking space to the door. Maybe he/she just wanted to be first out the door.