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Take the Stairs

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We end up with needlessly difficult lives because we have trouble recognizing ease when it’s hidden behind difficulty. It’s hard to see, for example, in that difficult moment when you’re about to walk into a gym for the first time, that you are taking the path of greater ease: if you get yourself through that short, difficult experience, your life quickly begins to lose a lot of difficulty. Beyond the gate, your health situation is easier, dating is easier, clothes shopping is easier, and so is virtually any physically demanding task you can think of, possibly for the rest of your life. All of this ease is bought for three hours a week, which themselves quickly (and permanently) become many times easier than they were the first time.

Life is Easier When You Take the Stairs

How Long To Internalise A Habit?

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Caesura Letters today discusses the time it takes to form a new habit.

Habits are not the result of thinking about something hard enough to change it, but transforming your behaviour long enough that you stop thinking about it. Therefore, the best strategy is not to have a specific “timeline to habit achievement” at the forefront of your mind. Instead: just keep doing it until you don’t realize you are doing it anymore. Preoccupation with a deadline only gives you more reasons to think about it.

21 Days to Change a Habit? by Caesura Letters

Contextual Resolutions

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Resolutions rarely affect only ourselves when we make them. Patrick makes a good point of getting those around you to help support your resolutions.

And even those things you think are just for you — to exercise more, to eat better, to meditate — may not be able to be successful without our partners actively supporting those efforts and allowing us the time, space, and resources to achieve them. Accountability helps here too. If those around you know them you are more likely to be held to the goal.
Resolutions don't happen in a vacuum... by Patrick Rhone