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Best GoPro Use Ever

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We've all seen them. People showing off their GoPro footage of a mountain bike run down the alps, snowboarding down the Rockies or even those crazy people that enjoy free climbing tall structures.

For me though, this is the best use yet of a GoPro.

Santa Science

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The Santa deniers just ruin it for everyone else. The Guardian hits back with some key evidence to prove Santa is real.

Santa’s workshop is located in a very snowy region that very few people can access, so it’s unlikely that many people would get to see it. It would theoretically be possible to view it from above, via an aircraft or satellite in a polar orbit, but what would Santa’s workshop look like from this perspective? A snow-covered building on a background of ice and snow? That’s basically just blank whiteness. And infrared scans can be tricky with snow.

Santa Claus deniers: why do they get so much airtime? by The Guardian