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No Regrets

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I recently read Kurt Harden's list of products he hasn't regretted owning. I decided to carry on this theme with my own list off products that I have no regrets of owning.

Amazon Kindle - I bought Amazon's Kindle 3G model when it first came out. I've read lots of books on it. Due to a technical fault with though I've had to replace it with a Kindle Paperwhite. No keyboard on the Paperwhite but the touch screen makes up for it.

Apple iPhone - I was relatively late to the iPhone party. My first iPhone was the iPhone 5. Two iPhones later and I still love the flexbility that the iPhone offers. Mobile phone, music player, camera and reading device. All the essentials covered in a slimline device that fits in my pocket.

Moleskine Notebooks - Like Kurt, I'm another huge fan of these wonderful notebooks. I've got three on my desk I use everyday and a pocket notebook I carry everywhere. Despite the increase in different brands in the market now, Moleskine is still my goto choice for notebooks. Expensive yes, but the initial cost is worth it in terms of the life expectancy of these notebooks.

Nock Hightower - What did I do before I purchased my Nock Hightower? I carried a notebook and pen with me everywhere but I frequently lost pens and ended up with very distressed notebooks that had curled up corners. Now though they get a slimline sleeve that I also use to carry a spare USB fob and my headphones.

Specialized Langster - Back in the day, I wanted a singlespeed bike with the option for a fixed wheel. My 2006 Specialized Langster has since been my trusty steed. I managed a year of running it as a singlespeed before I flipped it to a fixed wheel. It's been through a number of different updates over the years. Different forks, bars and gear ratios, but the minimal nature of a bike makes it the one reliable bike that I can use in all conditions.

Fossil watches - I've bought three Fossil watches over the years. The first one I bought in Canada about 10 years ago. It's sadly missing a couple of screws in the back. I've replaced it in the last couple of years with two more Fossil watches. No, they're not smartwatches but they look good and they're robust enough to suffer a few knocks.

YNOT Gulper - Straight from the streets of Toronto, this backpack is everything I need for a robust backpack that works on and off the bike. Massive amounts of room, weather proof for the Scottish rain and extremely durable.

I could go on with list of books, music, films, clothing items and other products but for me these are the essentials of this list.

Kappstein FlipFree Hub

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A rear hub that doesn't require you to flip the wheel to switch from fixed to freewheel?

I'm sold.

This looks like it will be the start of a new fixie build for 2015.