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Back to basics for Ethan

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It wasn't Ethan's day at the Stanley Morrison Trust event down at Dumfries & County GC yesterday. A lack of concentration and fast greens seen him finish well outside his usual scoring zone.

Still, he had a good time and great to see that one of the Renfrewshire Golf Union groups walked away with a prize.

Looking forward to seeing Ethan playing this event again over the next few couple of years. Still time yet for Ethan to bag a prize there.

It's back to basics over the next few weeks with some work to be done with his short game and putting.

Back to work

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It's back to work for Ethan with the first RGU under 14s session of the year. Plenty to work on!

Driving Range Practice

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Another practice session at the driving range with Ethan. Glad to see him improving and still enjoying it.