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Well Played

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I started the El Capitan upgrade process last night by kick starting the download before I went to bed. Woke up 15 minutes early this morning to start the installation. Took Ethan to school, did my morning pages with a coffee and then started client work on my upgraded MacBook.

Upgrade problems? None. Well played Apple.

PS Love the pinned tabs in Safari.

Client Work is Enough

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In the last few months I've made an interesting discovery. I'm crap at building and marketing products. Really bad in fact. From now I'll just build stuff, give it away for free and keep plugging away at the client work. I'm happy with that.

Winning Isn't Everything

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In a shock turnaround, Marco Arment has pulled his ad blocking app, Peace, from the App Store. Later on Apple also started refunding everyone who bought it on the App Store.

Achieving this much success with Peace just doesn’t feel good, which I didn’t anticipate, but probably should have. Ad blockers come with an important asterisk: while they do benefit a ton of people in major ways, they also hurt some, including many who don’t deserve the hit.

Just Doesn't Feel Good by Marco Arment

I admire Marco's decision to step back from the ad blocking market. I wonder how many others could turn their back on a successful app?

How to Ship Great Software

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Pearls of wisdom from JavaScript laureate, Thomas Fuchs.

Don't follow the hype

Use what works for you. If you’re productive in PHP, by all means, use PHP. Of course, sometimes technologies come along that actually measurably increase productivity or have other huge advantages, but it can’t be overstated how few and far between those are — perhaps one or two happen in a decade.

How to actually ship software that actually works
by Thomas Fuchs