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Coffee & Code

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The blogroll has been chirping about coffee shops. First it was Future Lawyer:

First, some of us refuse to pay 3 to 5 dollars for a cup of coffee, so we don't spend a lot of time in Starbucks. But, we do have lunch at Panera Bread, and we don't use the public WiFi there either. At least, we don't use it without first tunneling through a VPN.

Why Lawyers Should Never Use Starbucks WiFi by Future Lawyer

Then Cultural Offering.

I freely admit that I dislike Starbucks. On the few of occasions I have been in the chain - airports, a meeting or two, and when an employee needed to throw up (seemed the perfect spot) - I found myself wanting to tell the students to try the library and the adults to try a tie and a home office.

The shoes bother me the most by Cultural Offering

Then Execupundit.

I like Starbucks. It is a convenient and comfortable meeting spot. I ignore the computer users who are tapping away at, no doubt, the next War and Peace. The Americano is a nice watered-down version of their strong coffee. When ordering I still use small, medium, and large rather than their menu lingo. That immediately signals "out of touch" to the staff and thus is desirable.

The Starbucks Experience: In But Not Of by Execupundit

I'm fortunate enough to have a coffee shop in town that isn't Starbucks, has plenty of seating and has some damn good coffee for those mornings when I need it to make the code flow.

And yes I also say small, medium or large.

Giving up and adding

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at Cultural Offering.

While I am giving something up for Lent, I am also adding something. I am going to add more books. I am going to add longer articles, listen to entire albums. I am going to add more of the long form element back into my life.

Lent and amusement by Kurt Harden

It's always good to give something up for Lent, but it's even better to also add something that makes your day better.

It all begins with ...

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... coffee.

Once I start the coffee I have five minutes to make sure the dog doesn’t chase the deer into the woods of get sprayed by a skunk. I shine the tactical flashlight over the yard and then open the screen door…

Then I wait for the coffee. This is a important routine.

The first thing I do by Kurt Harden

iPod to the rescue

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A story of one man and his music.

Tonight I discovered that my music library has gone missing. I maintain a massive library on my computer - 46,680 song, not that I am counting (yes, I have a backup but restoring the backup creates an incredible amount of work for me).

I still have my iPod by Kurt Harden

Kurt: Bite the bullet and restore the backup. Yes it will be hard work but you'll have your beloved music back.