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Four Essentials for a Winning Proposal

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Curtis McHale continues his look into winning proposals with a look at four essentials for any proposal.

Real business owners who want to take their business to the next level aren’t interested in airy-fairy notions of how your work will help their company. They want tangible, concrete evidence by which they can measure the success of a project.

Defining Deliverables, Outcomes, Metrics and Values by Curtis McHale

Still the best blog for freelancers in my book. It's an essential every day read for me.

Wizards are busy people

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Curtis McHale sums up why clients should wait for their favourite consultant.

Think of Gandalf (Lord of the Rings wizard if you don’t know). He was always running from one place to another. Someone always needed his help. He was a busy dude and couldn’t just take on every issue at the drop of a hat.

Any decent consultant is going to be like that. Really if you need more than a few hours of work, you should be expecting to wait.
Wizards are Busy People by Curtis McHale

Never thought of myself as a wizard before though, but I do like the idea.