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Communities Need Trust

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When it comes to building communities, there's one essential ingredient that can make or break the community. It's trust. Sure there are other things needed to build a community like people and participation, but trust is essential if that community wants to meet its own aim and grow to include to new members.

Without entrusting others to act on the best interests of the community, it becomes nothing more than an organisation that uses bureaucracy to funnel contributions through to 'those in charge'. A community that needs approval on everything from a couple of people who act as the 'heads of the community' is going to find itself difficult to grow and may eventually end up turning people away. No one wants to join a community where all contributions to the community need approval from one or two individuals.

Trusting people to act within the best interests of the community is essential for the community to grow. It's through this trust we can allow people to act in the best interests of the community and make it a better community for all involved.