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Still Freelancing at 60?

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I love this post from Adrian about what he's learnt from his time as a developer and where he sees himself going next.

Take conscious decisions in your life. Be aware of your actions and their effect. Do not blush or be embarrased for changing your opinions. Say “I’m sorry” when required. Listen. Do not be a hotshot. Have integrity and self-respect.

Being a Developer After 40 by Adrian Kosmaczewski

The big four-o for me is just around the corner. I can't freelance for another twenty years, or can I?

Your Ideal Week

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Suddenly, everything was dark, and I realized that I was in bed and it was time to face another day in my fledgling business where I had way too much to do and way too many people expecting me to deliver work.

What you need to build your ideal week by Curtis McHale

My week feels a lot like this at the moment. 16 hour days with no room for anything but the occasional refuelling session and a few minutes with the kids before they go to bed. Hardly the life I had in mind when I started freelancing. Things need to start changing.