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Nice, Not Yet Essential

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A quick summary from different reviews of the Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch is the best smartwatch on the market, the reviewers agree. And it does some interesting things. But it’s not essential.

This is different than smartphones, which became addictive at first use and were obvious, must-own devices. It sounds like the watch still needs some work before it’s great.

The Apple Watch reviews are in, and they’re uncharacteristically meh across the board by Quartz

Ever since the first official news that Apple were going to be releasing a watch, I've been skeptical of it's initial success due to the fact there wasn't a single feature of it that made me want to buy it.

My take on it is that I don't want another touch enabled screen to distract me, I've already got one.

If I had to buy something for my wrist that fell in this category of technology, I would have to say that something like a Fitbit, or even Microsoft's Band would be something more up my street. Mostly for the health tracking benefits.

It's still early days though for the Apple Watch and given Apple's history of products it's fair to say that a more streamlined Apple Watch is probably already being planned.

Death of the Watch?

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Apple's addition of a smart watch to their product line is a sign that smart watches are definitely here for a while but is it too early to be calling time on watches?

A few people have mentioned that smart watches will kill the watch. I think it's a little too early to be making that statement.

The smart watch is still new in terms of technology. We've had attempts at smart watches in the past, some good, some bad, and there will be a few more iterations on what makes a good smart watch. That is until companies all meet at that point where they all agree sub-consciously agree on the design template for a smart watch. There will be a few more years yet before we get to that stage where we know that the smart watch will just work for us.

Then there's the technology aspect of the smart watch. It does so much more than a regular watch does, but do you want it to do that? Despite the fact I've had smart phones for over five years now and they've all been able to tell me the time, I still wear a watch. I like wearing a watch. It means I can keep my phone in my pocket when I need to know what time it is. If I didn't wear a watch I would probably have my head buried in phone everywhere I went. As soon I would check the time on it, I would leave it out and read it until I got bored. Thankfully I don't do this thanks to single purpose of the watch. It just tells the time.

I also don't want another device in my house that requires charging on a daily basis. I wouldn't say my house is brimming with technology but we have our fair share of gadgets in the house. A couple of smart phones, a tablet, a laptop, a Kindle, a games console and a couple of televisions. Maybe slightly less than most people but it's something I've tried to keep a cap on. The Kindle is great as it only requires charging every two or three months and only needs an hour to be fully charged. Adding a smart watch to this mix is not something that appeals to my environmental side. I'd rather have a watch that required a single small battery every couple of years than having to charge my smart watch on a frequent basis.

We've seen these statements before about technology phasing out tried and tested ways of doing things in the past.

Remember when Amazon launched the Kindle? Lots of people made predictions that books would be phased out in favour the new digital books. As convenient as a Kindle is though, sometimes a book is definitely better. It requires no power to read the book, it's just as portable and there's that great feeling of scribbling notes in the sidelines. Thankfully today there are still a healthy number of book stores around and they're filled with books. The death of the book? Not yet, which makes me wonder if making statements about the death of the watch is just technology fans getting ahead of themselves.

The smart watch does herald a change in the way we can carry technology about with us. We have another small window to look at when we're out and about seeing the world, meeting people and making experiences. That can still be done with or without a smart watch. For me, I'll be casting my eye towards the traditional mechanical watches for my next timepiece purchase. They're less intrusive, more reliable and cheaper to run over time and besides, I can do everything I need with my smart phone, right?