Matthew Lang

Family guy and freelance web developer specialising in Ruby on Rails.

Still time

29 October 2020

It’s been about nine months since my last post on this blog. It’s a blog post about change. I thought that 2020 was going to be a different year. A year in which I would launch a couple of products, change my career and get stuck into a new voluntary role that I accepted a few months earlier.

Then the year took a strange turn.

I found myself working from home. I found myself helping the kids get their school work done during the day. I found myself scheduling in walks in for the week as it was the only time we, as a family, got to spend time together outside. I found myself glued to news coverage of the pandemic.

And while there were parts during this time that were great, there was also change happening that I didn’t see coming. I simply stopped doing many of the things that I wanted to do.

I stopped blogging.

The activity on my blog hit a level where I wondered if it is worth continuing with it or any of the online networks that I am a part of. Every couple of weeks, I feel I should wipe the internet slate clean of my presence. A chance to start over or an opportunity to simply walk away from my digital self? I still haven’t decided, but the fact that I am writing this says that part of me wants to keep this outlet going.

I stopped limiting my time on social media.

When the lockdown started, I started spending more time scrolling through Twitter and Instagram. Every single day, I ended up spending hours on social media. I ended up deleting my Instagram account, thinking this would make things better. I’m left with Twitter now and scroll through Twitter the same way that I scrolled through Instagram.

I stopped journaling.

When the national lockdown started in March, I stopped journaling, and I never returned to it. Eventually, a few weeks ago, I put my mostly empty Hobonichi Techo planner in the bin. The first time in four years in which I gave up on journaling.

I stopped working on products.

In the last few months, I’ve struggled to find the want to write or code again. I know I need to write code in some form to maintain the career I have at the moment, but the urge is not there.

These things that I have stopped doing, however, can be started again. I can start blogging again, as I am writing this post. I can begin to limit my time on social media by finding other apps and ways of interacting with Twitter. I can start journaling again with a notebook and pen. I can start working on products also by just taking it a step at a time. And I don’t need to wait for the new year to begin to do this. I can do it today, tomorrow or even next week.

Although this year hasn’t been great for positive changes, there’s still time to do something about it.