Setting a goal for the year is made by many at the start of each year, but people frequently give up or just abandon their goal because it seems too far away. With a little change in tact though, there’s a better way of hitting your goals for the year.

Set Smaller Goals

Instead of focusing on big goals for the year, what about setting smaller goals for throughout the year? Smaller goals are within easier reach, easier to track and it means that if the goal isn’t hit you can try again the next month.

When goals are set for the year, people usually forget to set aside regular checks to ensure they are on the right track. After a few weeks many people simple give up. With smaller goals though, you can set yourself a more manageable and attainable goal that will give you the confidence to succeed on subsequent goals.

Continually Refresh

The start of the new year is traditionally seen as the only and best chance to start afresh but there’s more than one opportunity available in the year to do this. New year, new month, new week or even new day. There’s more opportunities to start afresh than you think.

If you set yourself goals for smaller periods of time then you give yourself more chances to achieve that goal. Right okay, you didn’t do that bike ride in the time you wanted for January. Could you do it in February though?

The chance to start afresh is there every day, every week and every month. You just need to decide what you can realistically achieve in those periods of time.