Yesterday I wrote about coasting along. Good for when you’re driving and taking in the good views, but when you’re coasting for everything you do, you’re just ticking the boxes. Today marks the first day of a reboot to purge this nasty habit.

If only everything was as easy to fix as a reboot. Got problems with your computer? Reboot and try again. It’s amazing how often this works. I’m not technical support person, but the amount of times I’ve given technical support to family and it was simply a matter of rebooting their PC is astounding. It’s not this easy for everything though.

Rebooting yourself takes a bit more thought, a bit more time. Let’s face it, we’re complicated entities. Our brains have the accrued knowledge and memories of a whole lifetime. We have habits, whether good or bad, engrained in us. How we approach problems and solve them is different for others. This rebooting lark then is going to take some time then. I’m not expecting a change overnight, but I am expecting to see good results as each day comes. I’m not trying to achieve everything on day one, just making sure that for each day, I’ve made a positive change to how I work and what I do.

This is the first day of the reboot. So where do I begin? Well, this morning I decided to ditch the MacBook and went out for a cycle. I haven’t done this as much as I would like to, as I like to use the Friday to catch up on a few things. Those things can wait though. This morning I just wanted to clear my head and start again. I put on my bike gear, grabbed the bike, walked my oldest son to school and then headed out.

The west of Scotland is having a period of sunny weather so it could not be a better time to head out. As it was the morning, the heat hadn’t reached it peak and the trails were great. Dry hardpacked roads mixed with some dry grassy paths further up. The descent back down was even better.

The bike ride was good. It gives me a chance to clear my head which is something I wasn’t doing often enough. Using the Friday morning for a bike ride, even if it’s just 90 minutes is a good use of time. Everyone knows that exercise is important but what’s also important is the chance to leave a few things behind. The feeds, the timelines, the inboxes, the emails, the messages, the tasks. They can wait. They’ll still be there when we get back. The difference now is that with a clear head I might be in a better frame of mind to take a few of these on. And that’s a good starting point I think for the rebooting process to begin.