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Matthew Lang

Family guy and freelance web developer specialising in Ruby on Rails.


A random writing prompt generator

What is it?

Writeabout is a random writing prompt generator. In fact it’s my second pass at an application like this. The first application was a Rails application called PenMuse, but it become a chore to maintain. Instead of just maintaining a list of writing prompts, I tried to post a new writing prompt every day, complete with tags to make them easier to find and to organise them into collections. I decided in the end to kill it.

A few weeks ago, I wanted to resurrect the PenMuse project but under a different name. This time it would be a simple one page application that just displayed a random writing prompt.

What’s it built with?

Writeabout is a Rails application. There’s nothing really interesting in the Ruby code for this, but it’s the JavaScript side of the project that I wanted to focus on. I’ve not used much of the Stimulus in the past, and this project was resurrected so that I had something to code against and explore a bit of Stimulus.

Where can I find it?

Writeabout is available here and the code is available on Github as well.