I believe there is a place for this is the world of technology. I think there is a need for a Software Tailor. For instance, you have a text editor that works well but could use just a few changes to make it work perfectly for you. You take it to the Software Tailor and they do that for you. Or perhaps you go to one to build the perfect task management app to fit your specific working style. In my mind, many who program are crafts people and I think there is a growing opportunity and need for such a service by people with these skills.

Bespoke by Patrick Rhone

Patrick Rhone’s latest post on software tailoring got me thinking. Software is used by millions across the world, yet I wonder how many people are aware that some of the software they use can be tailored to their specific needs?Yes there are freelance developers out there who specialise in building plugins, extensions or custom versions of software applications, but that’s the problem. These developers specialise in one application or product. They won’t even think about touching anything else.Sounds to me there might be room for a number of developers who are jack of all trade developers who are prepared to dig into just about any code that is given to them and make the necessary changes.

Just a thought, that’s all.