One of Patrick Rhone’s latest posts is his list of tools for daily learning. Patrick’s list is a great place to start for daily learning and I’m glad to see that there’s a couple of tools there that I use myself. I’ve never considered them as learning tools but that’s what they are really. Tools for discovering new things and learning.

My take on it is to always be learning. Never stop learning.

My first exposure to computer programming came when I was about ten when my Granpa bought an Atari 800XL. Right from the moment he got it, he immersed himself in programming books and magazines. As a kid you wouldn’t give it any thought, but now when I think back I think it was amazing that given my Granpa’s age, he was still learning on a daily basis.

This way of thinking that you should always be learning is something I’ve tried to do for the last few years, but along the way I usually forget things. I’ve learned the hard way that I need to keep a journal for such things so that I can review it at a later date.

My daily learning comes in the form of technical things like programming languages, web frameworks and other web development related topics. I’ve also read up on topics like decision making, writing and of course I’m reading through the Aubrey-Maturin series, which his made me much more knowledgeable of 19th century naval warfare.

The benefits of daily learning are just that. Daily learning. Being that bit more wiser on a daily basis. I’ll never stop reading, writing, learning and discovering new things. Having a blog to write about my learning experiences when I’m in my seventies? I hope so.