The end of the suit?

 It's hardly surprising to hear that Marks & Spencer no longer sell suits at half of their bigger stores. Suits have been in decline for a few years now. Clothing trends have been leaning toward more casual alternatives, and in the workplace, more casual attire is allowed.  And with the pandemic, and many people finding themselves working from home, the suit has taken a bigger hit. 
However, in the first two months of the Covid pandemic, when millions of people were forced to work from home, M&S said it sold just 7,500 suits - a fall of 80% compared to the same period in the previous year. 

—  Suit you sir? Not any more at some M&S stores
Since I left school, I've always had at least one suit. Over the last few years, though, I'm down to a single suit and a small collection of smart trousers and shirts. I rarely need to wear a suit. In fact, the last time I wore a suit might have been about two or three years ago.

That's not to say I'll not own a suit. I'll always have one, and I'll always recommend to my sons that they own at least one suit. There's always going to be an occasion for a suit. It's just that these days, it's less often than before.
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