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Going back to Apple’s own apps

Over the last few weeks, I've been gradually moving back to using some of Apple's apps. In particular, I'm talking about Calendar, Notes and Reminders.

In the past, I've used the Fantastical app for scheduling, but with the thought of an upcoming subscription renewal hitting my wallet, I decided to try and move back to Apple's own app, Calendar.

Okay, so it lacks a few features that Fantastical has, but I can create as many calendars as I want and share them quickly enough if needed. That's all I need.

As for note-talking, I was a long-time subscriber to the Bear app. Even now, I still think it's a great app to use for note-taking, but I started to find that I wasn't using it as much.

With Apple's Notes app, I have folders as pinned notes available, and sharing folders and notes with others is easy.

Last but not least, the Reminders app. I was using Basecamp primarily as a task manager, but I realised it was overkill for my requirements. Last week, I migrated the last of my to-do lists over to Reminders.

The common blocker with each of the apps I have migrated away from is getting others to use them when you share something. If you want others to use the same app, they usually have to install the same app. And even if you do manage to do that, there's no guarantee that person will find it easy to use.

Apple's apps usually don't have the feature set or polish that their competing apps have. What they do offer is just enough features to get by. They also make their apps simple enough to use that many people just run with them and don't even consider looking at alternatives.

As for Apple's other apps, some alternatives are the better option for me.
  • Overcast is far too good a podcast app to consider me switching.
  • Hey continues to be my preferred email app.
  • Cardhop is an excellent alternative to Contacts.
  • Hello Weather is a valuable forecast app.
  • Spotify is still my go-to music streaming app.
Maybe in the future, another app will appear that will catch my eye, or perhaps I'll outgrow Apple's default apps. For the moment, they're ideal for me to be getting on with things.

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