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Why is the UK death toll for Covid so high?

This article on the BBC outlines several reasons why the number of Covid deaths is so high.
There is no quick answer to that question, and there is sure to be a long and detailed public inquiry once the pandemic is over. But there are plenty of clues that, when pieced together, help build a picture of why the UK has reached this devastating number.

 UK Covid deaths: Why the 100,000 toll is so bad
It would be all too easy to point the blame at the UK government for this number. After all, the UK has usually been the last to make changes to restrict the spread of the pandemic.

As the article points out, other factors have contributed to the spread of the virus in the UK. The UK as a location for international travel, an ageing population and the general health of the population are all factors that have contributed to this high death toll.

There's also the complacency of people in the UK that have led to the virus's spread. Scenes of packed streets and outdoor bars when restrictions were lifted were signs that many people didn't take the virus serious enough and put themselves and others at risk.

For me, though, this doesn't absolve the UK government of bearing the brunt of the blame for this high death toll. Poor decision making and leadership have led to too high a death toll, that could have been reduced.