Supporting Features in DailyMuse

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In the time it's taken me to get DailyMuse up and running, I've noticed that a lot of the code that I have written for this product is code that supports the product. The amount of features that I've added or expect to add is rather minimal. Yes, there's new features arriving soon for DailyMuse like scheduling snippets on particular days and tagging snippets, but in the past few weeks I've been writing code to support the product.

This idea of supporting the product with code could be thought of as a feature, but I see features as something that directly benefits the user. As an owner of the product I also need my own features. It's these supporting features that I see as being code that supports the product.

Commmunication with users of DailyMuse is important. They could be getting their daily email every day or almost every day of the week depending on their needs. Bombarding them with additional emails on top of this to notify them of features or changes in DailyMuse isn't in their best interests.

I wanted to notify users of changes to DailyMuse, so I added the ability to add one or two lines of text after their snippet that they receive on a particular day. I've used this short messaging idea only a couple of times so far, but it's value to me by being able to bring something to the users attention is without bombarding them with more emails is important.

I've got a number of other supporting features planned for DailyMuse in the future. They'll help me to administer DailyMuse, communicate with users and help maintain DailyMuse as a product and service. New features are nice, but having a stable product that improves gradually for its users is better.