The Prodigal User Returns

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I have burned through a number of different tool choices over the last two years. In an effort to find the best tools that fit how I work, I've tried a number of different alternatives. Source code hosting, web app hosting, productivity, bookmarking, social networking and content curation to name a few categories.

For the most part the tools I have tried haven't worked out for me when I compare them to the tools that I was initially using. In most cases I've come full circle.

Take bookmarking for example. I've went from using Pinboard, going through a number of home grown solutions, to using Pocket and then eventually coming back to Pinboard. I've started wondering why I even stopped using Pinboard in the first place. So why did I stop using Pinboard?

I'll be honest, I can't put my finger on it exactly but I know there's an aspect of my personality where I like things to change every now and again. It's a behaviour that I've known since I was a kid. When I get too familiar or settled with something, I start looking for alternatives.

This is okay for the curious ones but in the last couple of years I've tried so many different tools that I'm starting to wonder if it was worth all the hassle, effort and money.

Probably not, but I have learned that if something works, then there's little reason to change it for something else.