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DailyMuse: The Today View

Email is great. It's a reliable form of content delivery that can reach a multitude of devices and it's platform independent. Who cares if it's Windows, Linux, OS X, iOS or Android you're running? Email is the cornerstone of any platform, which is why it's the preferred delivery method for DailyMuse.

As great as email is though, I also like having alternatives to email, something as flexible as email but also accessible. I would open my DailyMuse email a couple of times a day, but quickly it became lost amongst other emails. I needed a way of seeing my DailyMuse message for the day without opening my email.

For a few weeks now there's been a Today view in the DailyMuse application. If logged in and you visited it you would see the last snippet that DailyMuse sent you. Fine and good, but it was rendered within the context of the application and I quickly realised that it became lost amongst the rest of the elements of the application. I needed a view of my snippet that was free of the context of the rest of the application.

This morning I added a link in the DailyMuse sidebar that will address this issue. At the top of the sidebar is a Today link that will render a colourful view of your snippet for the day that is free from the rest of the application so that you can have your snippet front and center on your web browser.

Here's my snippet for today:

{% img middle http://s3.matthewlang.co.uk/2015/dailymuse-today-view.png "The Today View" "A screenshot of the today view from DailyMuse" %}

Rather than sticking with default font sizes for all snippets, I've also tweaked the font size for snippets that vary in length. If your snippet is small in length the font size for it will increase so that it becomes easier to read.

This has been a planned feature for a while, but viewing the snippet within DailyMuse has never felt right. With this in place now, I'm happy with being able to view my snippet for the day in both email and in my browser.

Interesting in using DailyMuse? It's free for 30 days after which it becomes a budget friendly $2 per month to use.