Decisions, decisions, decisions

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As a software developer I'm used to making hundreds, well probably thousands of decisions a day. Deciding on variables, class names and how I implement features is just part of the many decisions I make as a software developer on a daily basis. They're all small decisions, but they add up at the end up of the day when a section of code is tested and completed. These are just micro decisions. Really small decisions that I can afford to get wrong as they are easily rectifiable in a really short period of time.As you move up through the scale though, you see that the decisions that you make become less and less frequent as their impact becomes greater and greater.

Right at the top of my tree is a decision to emigrate that will affect me and my family for a time period that can be measured in years. It's a decision that's been on my mind for the last few years, but with every passing year that the decision isn't made, the decision to emigrate becomes harder and harder. Get it right and everything will fall into place as expected. Get it wrong, well I don't really want to dwell on what would happen if we decided to emigrate and it didn't work out.

If only the decision to emigrate was as easy as one of those thousands of decisions I make on daily basis.