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I stopped using Wunderlist for maintaining lists last week. It just didn't fit with how I worked. I wanted something a bit more low tech, so I switched back to a master list in my moleskine and index cards for tracking the stuff I want to do that week.Since I started freelancing though, I've been spurred to keep my development knowledge up to date and I'm also interested in getting some side projects off the ground. I also have a growing client list to maintain. This means more actions getting added to the master list on a daily basis. Maintaining it in my moleskine was becoming a real struggle as it was strewn across a couple of pages. I still needed something that let me track my master list in a digital way, without it becoming too technical.

Enter TaskPaper.

TaskPaper is a todo list that stands apart from many todo list applications in that it uses a plain text file for your list rather than a database or remote data storage. I'm a big fan of simple software that uses flat files for backend storage, especially when that software can link to your Dropbox and let you sync it across all your devices.

Taskpaper is like an editor but it also had nice features that let you interact with your list easily. The best of a todo list and a plain text file really. TaskPaper is also heavily influenced from Dave Allen's GTD system. TaskPaper allows you to create projects in your list and also attach tags to actions.

It's another change in the workflow, but I just want something that works and doesn't get in my way.