I'm not a rockstar or a ninja

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In case you don't know what I'm talking about, let me give you a run down. It's become common place in the last few years for agencies and companies doing the hiring to describe the type of people they are looking for as a "rockstar" or "ninja". Yeah, I know. It's stupid. Here's why.

Describing the type of person you are looking for as a crowd-surfing, alcohol loving musician or as a specialist warrior for hire is just ridiculous.When you describe the person you want as a rockstar, I think of an out going person with the kind of personality that you just can't ignore. The kind of person that announces their god-like skills with a megaphone before entering the office, before biting the head of a bat and then downing a bottle of vodka. Okay, maybe not those last two things, but you did ask for a rockstar.What I think you are actually looking for is a person that has a passion for what they do. If that's the case, they why not just say so in the job description? There's plenty of people out there who are passionate about what they do, but they don't call themselves rockstars, they go by the job title that fits them and describes what they do best.

So you want a ninja instead then? When you describe the person you are looking for as a ninja, I imagine a person entering the office in a puff of smoke and taking out half your development with a single throw of multiple shuriken. Okay bad example, but isn't that sort of what a ninja does?What I think you are actually looking for is someone who works effectively and productively. Someone who knows how to make decisions on the best tools for the job and uses these tools effectively.

So why not just say what you want? Let's stop using these ridiculous terms to describe the type of person you want for a position. Unless you're advertising for a clown or a stand-up comic then I think you need to take the job description a bit more seriously.Oh yeah, and you can't use guru for the job description either.