I'm available for work

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It's taken a few weeks of job searching to make me realise that pickings are slim for the type of work I want to do on a daily basis. So I have decided to take charge of my career direction and I am now marketing myself as a freelance web developer for hire.

So without further ado, is there anything I can do for you?

Here's just a couple of things I can do for you:

Extra development resource

Do you need an extra developer on your team for a short period of time? I'm available to work in Ruby or .NET teams where an extra pair of hands is needed. I've spent over 5 years working in web development teams building backend applications and services to support businesses in retail, risk management, technology repair and e-commerce.

Prototype your product idea

Have you got an idea for a product or service on the web?Before taking the plunge and investing ten of thousands of dollars in an untested idea, why not test your idea first with customers that fall into your product's market? I can build you a working prototype of your idea that will deliver a minimal set of features that will test your intended market. Armed with a working prototype, you'll be able to test your idea with customers and get the feedback you require in order to decide if your idea is worth investing more time and money in.

Anything else?

Is there anything else I can do for you?Let me know. I'm here to help solve your problems. I look forward to hearing from you!