Threat or Opportunity?

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Ever since Google Drive came out, I've been wondering about it in relation to my journaling product that I am building that uses Dropbox. Is this a threat or an opportunity? Initially I perceived it as a threat and I was slightly nervous of the fact that another big company has entered the cloud storage market amongst other big names like Apple, Amazon and Microsoft. Google were definitely late to the party, but I was still concerned that people would move in their droves from Dropbox to Google just because of some special feature that Google had that Dropbox didn't.

After a few days though, my perception of Google Drive as a threat wore off and I kept plugging away at my journaling application.Then I started to think of opportunities.​ My product is small enough that I could add the ability to allow users to persist their journal entries to Google Drive, ​but should I? The whole idea behind Journalong is that I wanted something to persist plain text journal entries to my Dropbox account. Nowhere else.

Yes it would be nice if it could tie in with other cloud storage services, but that would inevitably prolong the release of Journalong. I had just gotten to the stage where I was ready for a public release. Is the opportunity to target more customers worth a delay in my product.In the end I took the decision to move on with releasing my journaling product.​ Google Drive can wait. That's the beauty of a minimum value product. Release it when it delivers the minimum value you need it to. There's plenty of time to develop it further in the future.​