Introducing an idea: Journalong

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So a few weeks ago I needed a quick way to write down an idea to my journal located on my Dropbox folder. I only had my phone with me at the time, so I emailed myself the note in the hope that I would remember to write it to my journal when I got home. I failed big time and remembered the idea 2 weeks later.

Determined to find a better solution to write to my journal, I built a web application that let's you write entries to a journal on your Dropbox account. It's called Journalong.

There's no need to have Dropbox installed on the computer or device you are writing the journal entry on. You just need to authorise Journalong to have access to a single folder on your Dropbox account. This is where your journal will reside.

Journalong will then handle the formatting of the entry, write it to your journal and even create a new journal file for each month when needed.

I've been journalling since the start of the year, and I find that it is a great dumping ground for thoughts, ideas and other stuff. Based on the feedback I get, I hope to that there will be enough initial interest to release it in the next few weeks.