Thinking that I need to stop moving the goalposts

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What is apparent is that Pirsig, focussed as he is on the peak, is overwhelmed by the climb, and continues to lose his desire and strength with every step. The monks, on the other hand, used the peak only as a guide to mark the direction of their climb; they were more focused on the journey and its enjoyment, and made it to the top with ease.

You Are Not Running Out of Time by Rahul Bijlani

A fantastic essay by Rahul Bijlani on enjoying the journey towards your achievements. I tend to fix my focus too much on the end goal and never see what's happening around as the journey trundles on.For me I need to stop moving the goalposts, enjoy the journey and realise that it's never too late to start something new.Also thanks to Buster Benson for highlighting this on his blog.