Book Review - Keeping It Straight by Patrick Rhone

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Patrick Rhone's book, Keeping It Straight, is an essay based book that contains all the necessary little insights into life that you need to keep yourself heading in the right direction. Split up into three sections entitled, "You", "Me", and "Everything Else", this book contains small essays that tell real life stories and the ideas and observations that Patrick has learned from them.Rather than getting bogged down in using the right tool or application for the job, Patrick focuses on the actual processes that have worked for him over the years and how you can also use them.

I know Patrick from his writing on his own website and his curated blogs such as Minimal Mac and The Random Post. I have followed his writing for a few years now and everytime I read one of articles, you learn something else that you can apply to your own life and make it better.I don't want to call this a self-help book. Instead you should think of Patrick's book as a guide to getting yourself back on track and working on the things that matter to you and making time to enjoy your life and family. Some might see it as a bit "touchy feely", but the best insights and lessons in life are learned from the real world life experiences of others. It's great that Patrick has compiled this collection of experiences together for the rest of the world to enjoy.