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Ghost on Indie Hackers

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We launched Ghost about 4 years ago with a $300,000 Kickstarter campaign. Today, it's a sustainable healthy independent business with $750,000 annual revenue and a team of 10, and users including NASA, Square, Vevo, Sky News, Mozilla, Zappos and so many more.

Ghost on Indie Hackers

Proud to be a Ghost user and looking forward to seeing what else the Ghost team can add to an already great blogging platform.

It all begins with ...

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... coffee.

Once I start the coffee I have five minutes to make sure the dog doesn’t chase the deer into the woods of get sprayed by a skunk. I shine the tactical flashlight over the yard and then open the screen door…

Then I wait for the coffee. This is a important routine.

The first thing I do by Kurt Harden

Capturing the wild ...

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... with Patrick Rhone.

I’ve recently re-adopted something I learned in a high school creative writing class. I’ve been keeping a Field Notes notebook in my back pocket and capturing stray interesting thoughts that pop into my head and things I overhear from others (conversations, movies, reading, etc.) There’s no specific reason or purpose for these random snippets, for now. Just listening, observing, waiting, and writing down anything that catches my attention.

Capturing the Wild Snippet by Patrick Rhone

iPod to the rescue

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A story of one man and his music.

Tonight I discovered that my music library has gone missing. I maintain a massive library on my computer - 46,680 song, not that I am counting (yes, I have a backup but restoring the backup creates an incredible amount of work for me).

I still have my iPod by Kurt Harden

Kurt: Bite the bullet and restore the backup. Yes it will be hard work but you'll have your beloved music back.