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iPad Pro for software development?

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Apple's App Store Guidelines now allow executable code in educational apps and developer tools.

Might not be a deal breaker for many, but I've longed to replace my raging MacBook Pro with a combo of an iMac and an iPad Pro. With the recent updates to the iMac line I can finally purchase one with updated specs, but the news at WWDC didn't make me think that I was going to see better development tools on an iPad Pro anytime soon.

The new guidelines in the App Store though mean that better software development tools for the iPad might be just around the corner.

Tame the distraction monster

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Not your usual productivity hacks. I do think I could be doing with less distractions during the day.

If you’ve found yourself distracted by meetings, notifications, and phone calls, it’s important to put the brakes on that vicious cycle. Don’t allow time to slowly melt away and put off today what you believe can be done tomorrow.

3 powerful ways to hack your life, find focus, and get more done by The Verge


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Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference kicks off today.

I wouldn't call myself a fan-boy but I definitely have a preference for Apple products. I am interested in seeing the release of a new iPad Pro. Sadly I don't think there's going to be any new iMacs released.

Expect an explosion of Apple related news and tweets later on today.