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Tame the distraction monster

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Not your usual productivity hacks. I do think I could be doing with less distractions during the day.

If you’ve found yourself distracted by meetings, notifications, and phone calls, it’s important to put the brakes on that vicious cycle. Don’t allow time to slowly melt away and put off today what you believe can be done tomorrow.

3 powerful ways to hack your life, find focus, and get more done by The Verge


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Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference kicks off today.

I wouldn't call myself a fan-boy but I definitely have a preference for Apple products. I am interested in seeing the release of a new iPad Pro. Sadly I don't think there's going to be any new iMacs released.

Expect an explosion of Apple related news and tweets later on today.

The basics of email ...

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... with Nicholas Bate.

I've been wrestling with my inbox for a while now but last month I started batch processing my emails again, and although it has taken a few weeks I've got my inbox down to a handful of emails this morning from the 100+ that were sitting there a few weeks ago.


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Once again, Twitter explodes over the tweets of a certain president.

As for what covfefe actually is, we still don’t know. Some may say it’s a typo of “coverage,” and that Donald Trump was railing against his portrayal in the media again. But the sensible among you would reject that hypothesis, knowing that there would be no way that the president would be sitting up in his ludicrously opulent mansion, restless at midnight, so steamed about his popularity that he would pull out his phone and throw out a half-considered complaint tweet to his millions of followers.

via The Verge

Is it a typo? Probably. As a result of a long line of gaffs and poorly worded tweets by Donald Trump though, it is hard to take him seriously. And for as long as he has free access to his own account then that isn't likely to change soon.